Version 1.2.1

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Gnuk version 1.2.1 is released. I forgot to announce 1.2.0, since I was busy for Chopstx change from 1.0 to 1.1 (Gnuk version 1.2.1 uses Chopstx 1.1).

This is a new stable release of version 1.2.x series.

tag release/1.2.1
Tagger: NIIBE Yutaka <>
Date:   Mon Jul 11 17:02:46 2016 +0900

commit 452c15c908b1d10fe14d71c3314c6550c3e3a471

Major changes from 1.0.x include: replacing thread library to Chopstx, upgrade of the NeuG routine to the one of NeuG 1.0, an incompatible change to support overriding key, improved RSA routine, new algorithms (EdDSA, ECDSA, and ECDH), and an enhancement to support RSA-4096.

Gnuk 1.2 now follows the OpenPGPcard specification v3 (while Gnuk 1.0 follows v2).

Note that STM8S_DISCOVERY is not supported any more; Please buy STM32 Nucleo as an alternative.

Gnuk requires 128KiB flash ROM, and default configure target is FST-01, now.

I'm using Gnuk 1.2.1 with GnuPG 2.1, my keys are Ed25519 for signature, X25519 for encryption, and Ed25519 for authentication.