What people say about Gnuk:

Gnuk is very valuable to me because it is the first usable free software implementation of the OpenPGP card specification and thus completes the GnuPG system. As soon I heard about Gnuk, I ordered a prototype board and tested it. As main developer of GnuPG Gnuk allows me to debug the GnuPG smartcard code from a different perspective; i.e. to view GnuPG's action at the smartcard site using OpenOCD. I can also imagine a couple of real world applications for this token.

-- Werner Koch

Gnuk looks impressive and valuable for free software, especially for free embedded software world. When porting Gnuk to STM32 Primer2, I've noticed that software environment for such gadgets and metals are in fairly incomplete situation from the free software point of view. Even there are no rigid linux programing tools for writing and erasing chips. There is no stable SWD support in OpenOCD, and so on. Gnuk and its related works shed the light on those aspects of free software and some of these issues are solved with the related works by the author. Very good hacking!

-- Kaz Kojima