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  1. NeuG Version 1.0.1


    Version 1.0.1 of NeuG has been released.

    NeuG is an implementation of True Random Number Generator based on sampling noise of ADC of STM32F103.

    Original intention of NeuG development was using it as a part of Gnuk, but we also have standalone USB CDC-ACM version. You can get ...

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  2. Customizing Gnuk Token


    FST-01 with transparent tube is basically designed for people who want to customize.

    Typical example is with the case of MONO eraser .

    In 2015, gniibe went 100-yen shop to seek another craftwork possibility.

    Since UV resin is available there, gniibe considered about that. But, in the end, gniibe used juto ...

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  3. Version 1.1.4


    Gnuk version 1.1.4 is released.

    This is another experimental release of version 1.1.x series.

    Because of the incompatible change to 1.0 series, please refer new documentation for instructions of how to use Gnuk Token. (New documentation can be used for 1.0.x, too.)

    • Gnuk ...
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