FTDI2232D Module can be JTAG dongle


At Akiduki Denshi, you can buy FTDI2232D Module, named AE-FTDI2232.

Adding registers for safety, we can use this module as a JTAG dongle which is supported by OpenOCD.

Hardware notes:

  • Remove JP2A so that logic level of channel A will be 3.3V
  • Following is the signal connection:
40 AD0 ----[100 Ohm]-----> TCLK
39 AD1 ----[100 Ohm]-----> TDI
38 AD2 ----[100 Ohm]-----> TDO
37 AD3 ----[100 Ohm]-----> TMS
25 GND ------------------> GND

Software notes:

  • You may need to add an entry in the file /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf:
# Don't load the driver for usbserial interface
blacklist ftdi_sio
  • Specify -f interface/openocd-usb.cfg when you invoke OpenOCD.