PIN input support for STM8S Discovery Kit


At Akiduki Denshi, you can buy consumer Infra Red Modules.

Gniibe bought PL-IRM-2161-C438 (100.- JPY for two modules), and connect one to STM32 part of STM8S Discovery Kit. We can input PIN with IR remote controller.

Since IR signal is easily monitored, it is not secure at all. This is just an experiment.

Yes, gniibe use FTDI2232D Module as JTAG dongle to write flash ROM on its STM32.

IR-module attached to STM8S Discovery Kit FTDI2232D Module attached to STM8S Discovery Kit

Here is the figure of the circuit.

                     |       |
                     |       |
                     |  GND  |   -+- 3.3V --> + of C19
                     ---------    |
                  Vout|  |  |Vcc  |
Pin 4 of CN7 <--------+  |  +-----+
                        /// --> Pin 3 of CN7

Gniibe uses the IR controller which comes with Dell Vostro.