Version 1.1.8


Gnuk version 1.1.8 is released.

This is another experimental release of version 1.1.x series.

tag release/1.1.8
Tagger: NIIBE Yutaka <>
Date:   Thu Sep 17 18:00:14 2015 +0900
commit 3ffac57509eb7015ba323263760c57af7235001f

Because of the incompatible change to 1.0 series, please refer new documentation for instructions of how to use Gnuk Token. (New documentation can be used for 1.0.x, too.)

Here are highlights.

  • Upgrade of Chopstx

    We use Chopstx 0.10, which supports Nitrokey-Start.

  • Card serial number

    The way to determine a serial number of Gnuk Token for card has been changed. It uses the 96-bit unique bits of MCU, but the portion for use is changed.

  • USB Reset handling

    USB reset lets Gnuk Token restart. It would not be perfect, when it's during computation of some function, but most parts are protected by Chopstx's feature of cancellation.