Version 1.1.5


Gnuk version 1.1.5 is released.

This is another experimental release of version 1.1.x series.

Because of the incompatible change to 1.0 series, please refer new documentation for instructions of how to use Gnuk Token. (New documentation can be used for 1.0.x, too.)

Here are highlights.

  • is not so noisy any more.

    Since it's getting stable, no debug output any more.

  • Maple mini support.

    Although its random number generation is not tested, Maple mini support is added.

  • Windows interoperability fix.

    1.1.x (0 to 4) didn't work with Windows because of INTERRUPT transfer. It's fixed and it works now.

  • OpenPGPcard specification v3.0 compatibility.

    OpenPGPcard specification v3.0 now include NIST curves (and other curves) and ECDSA and ECDH operations are defined. Gnuk follows this specification.