Version 0.9


Version 0.9 of Gnuk has been released.

Highlights are:

  • Card Holder Certificate is supported (still this is experimental).

    Gnuk can support card holder certificate now. Note that GnuPG is not ready yet. The tool/ is for writing card holder certificate to Gnuk Token.

  • Better interoperability to OpenSC.

    Gnuk is not yet supported by OpenSC, but it could be. With the changes in Gnuk, it could be relatively easily possible to support Gnuk Token by OpenSC with a few changes to libopensc/card-openpgp.c, and libopensc/pkcs15-openpgp.c.

  • New board support: STBee

    STBee is a board by Strawberry Linux Co., Ltd., and it has STM32F103VET6 on the board. The chip is High Density CPU with 512KB flash memory and many I/O. If you want to connect sensor, display, etc., this board would be a good candidate.

  • Experimental PIN-pad modification(unblock) support is added.

    PIN-pad modification(unblock) is supported.