Version 0.8


Version 0.6, 0.7, and 0.8 of Gnuk has been released.

Highlights are:

  • Experimental PIN-pad modification support is added.

    PIN input using rotally encoder and push switch is tested with STBee Mini. By this hardware, PIN-pad modification is supported.

  • Experimental PIN-pad support is added.

    Local PIN-pad input is suppored for boards which have input hardware. PIN input using consumer IR receive module is tested with STBee Mini and STM8S Discovery.

  • USB device serial number is virtually unique now.

    STM32F103 has 96-bit unique chip identifier. We take advantage of this, Gnuk Token has virtually unique USB serial number.

  • Card serial number is determined at run time by chip identifier.

    Until version 0.5, card serial number was compile time option. If we used same binary for different devices, card serial number was same. Now, we use STM32F103's 96-bit unique chip identifier for card serial number (when you don't use --with-fixed-serial option).

  • More improved USB-CCID/ICCD implementation.

    The changes in 0.5 was not that good for libccid 1.3.11, which has small buffer (only 262-byte APDU). Workaround for libccid 1.3.11 is implemented.