Version 0.5


Version 0.5 of Gnuk has been released.

Highlights are:

  • New board support: STM32 part of "STM8S Discovery"

    We can buy it at 750JPY in Japan (10USD or so internationally?). I think that it is most cheap board for Gnuk.

  • Better interoperability

    • In-stock GPG ccid-driver
      • Although in-stock GPG ccid-driver doesn't support extended APDU level exchange (and chaining), it is now possible for Gnuk to do digital signing.
    • GPG4WIN
      • Gnuk works somehow now.
  • Bug fixes:

    • Digital signing for SHA224/SHA256/SHA384/SHA512 digestInfo is now possible. (It only worked for SHA1)
    • Digital signing multiple times with single authentication is now possible.