Version 0.19


Version 0.19 of Gnuk has been released.

In this release, new feature, "firmware upgrade", is added. It is no need to use JTAG debugger any more to update the firmware. While it is still experimental, this will be useful for hardware product.

  • Firmware upgrade feature

    Firmware upgrade is now possible after the public key authentication using EXTERNAL AUTHENTICATE command of ISO 7816. Firmware upgrade is done together with reGNUal, the firmware upgrade program.

  • System service blocks at the beginning of flash ROM.

    Once flash ROM is protected, first 4-KiB cannot be modified. Gnuk use this area for "system service". Note that this area will not be able to be modified by firmware upgrade (or by any method).

  • New tool:

    The tool is to do public key authentication using gpg-agent and send reGNUal to Gnuk. Then, we put new Gnuk binary into the device with reGNUal.

  • USB strings for revision detail, configure options, and system service.

    USB strings now have more information. There are revision detail string, configure options string, system service version string, as well as vendor string and product string. These strings could be examined to check Gnuk Token.