Version 0.18


Version 0.18 of Gnuk has been released.

In this release, the usage of USB device ID by FSIJ is clarified. Please check README if you're considering distributing Gnuk Token. USB device ID is no longer in the source code, but you need to specify it with --vidpid option at configure.

  • New mandatory option '--vidpid' for configure

    You must specify USB vendor ID and product ID for Gnuk. The file GNUK_USB_DEVICE_ID lists valid USB device IDs.

  • New tool:

    The tool is to remove all keys in Gnuk Token and reset PW1 and RC (if any).

  • New USB stack

    Gnuk used to use USB stack of USB-FS-Device_Lib by ST. Now, it has original implementation. Hopefully, size and quality are improved.