Version 0.17


Version 0.17 of Gnuk has been released.

From this release, Gnuk only supports short APDU level exchange. Because of this, it changed ATR string and CCID interface descriptor in USB Configuration Descriptor was changed.

  • USB CCID/ICCD protocol implementation change

    Gnuk now only supports short APDU level exchange, not support. extended APDU level exchange. Thus, Gnuk could be compatible to older host side software implementation.

  • ISO 7816 SELECT command behavior is somewhat strict now

    Old implementations do not check DF name for SELECT command. This causes some trouble when Gnuk Token is identified as if it were different card/token. Now, DF name of OpenPGP card is checked.

  • USB CCID/ICCD low-level bug is fixed

    When the size of command APDU data is just 49, the lower level packet size is 64. This is maximum size of BULK-OUT transfer packet, and caused trouble in the past implementations. Example is setting url (0x5f50) as: This is because the past implementations expect ZLP (zero length packet). Now, it has been fixed. You can use any size of string.

  • CERT.3 Data Object (0x7f21) is now optional

    As there's no valid use case for this data object and it does not work as current version of GnuPG, this is now optional feature. You can enable this data object by specifying --enable-certdo at configure time.

  • With DnD pinentry, user can cancel pin input

    Now, user can cancel pin input by unmounting device before finishing DnD.

  • New tool:

    The tool is PC/SC test tool for pinentry of pinpad with OpenPGP card v2.