Version 0.0


Initial version of Gnuk, a soother for GnuPG user, has been announced to the GnuPG mailing list. Thanks to Werner Koch for GnuPG.

Hi there,

In 2008, we tried USB Token implementation for GnuPG with Atmel AVR. It worked a little. It was 8-bit processor with no USB controller and it was not for real use.

This year, I am trying to build a new version with STM32. I named the software "Gnuk", and initial version is at:

It uses ChibiOS/RT, and uses polarSSL for RSA computation.

For hardware, I am using STM32-H103 board by Olimex:

Currently, it only supports RSA 2048-bit digital signature.

With Gnuk, I am learning OpenPGP card protocol version 2.

Today, I just put a tar ball. We will have Git repository soon.