Chopstx Version 1.8


Version 1.8 of Chopstx is released.

tag release/1.8
Tagger: NIIBE Yutaka <>
Date:   Fri Jan 19 10:12:51 2018 +0900
commit aa63ac79bc331b7c60943d77ec3c1f82e8c353d9

Chopstx is an RT thread library for STM32F103 (ARM Cortex-M3), STM32F030 (ARM Cortex-M0), MKL27Z (ARM Cortex-M0plus), and emulation on GNU/Linux.

Since version 1.2, changes are:

  • New board support: Blue Pill
  • New port: Emulation on GNU/Linux
  • Stack size definition by stack-def.h
  • USB driver now supports USB suspend and wakeup
  • USB driver API change of USB_DEVICE_STATE_ prefix
  • API change: chopstx_poll
  • New feature: sleep mode: chopstx_conf_idle
  • New driver: USART for STM32
  • Fix: thread cancellation
  • Fix: timer wakeup