NeuG Version 1.0.4


Version 1.0.4 of NeuG has been released.

tag release/1.0.4
Tagger: NIIBE Yutaka <>
Date:   Fri Sep 18 12:56:04 2015 +0900

commit f1b091f2c52dab5b4c1512664a4c93b0dddb47b8

The changes are for more support of different boards and minor detail of USB behavior. Functionality and performance of NeuG is as same as 1.0.1.

NeuG is an implementation of True Random Number Generator based on sampling of ADC of STM32F103.

Original intention of NeuG development was using it as a part of Gnuk, but we also have standalone USB CDC-ACM version. You can get random stream from /dev/ttyACM0 when connected to your host PC. Standalone version is useful to feed entropy to /dev/random on GNU/Linux. Its generation speed is >= 80kB/sec (kB = 1000-byte).

The output has been tested by PractRand 0.92.


  • Upgrade of Chopstx (the thread library)

    Now, we use Chopstx 0.10, which supports more boards.

  • USB reset handling

    Now, USB reset lets NeuG device restart correctly.